Crisp frosty morning around Lissanoure Castle

The parkland around Lissanoure Castle always looks so amazing when the canals and lakes are frozen. Luckily inside the castle, all the rooms have large open log fires, so it is very snug and warm, so the perfect venue to hold a function or wedding throughout the whole year.


The lakes attract an amazing amount of waterfowl and during the winter months large flocks of Whooper Swans fly in from Iceland and land on the lakes. They are amazingly loud with their chatter! The poor resident Mute Swans who live on the lakes all year round are always very put out by these arrivals every winter! We also have a large flock of resident Greylag Geese. They arrived about five years ago (about 8 of them) and now there must be at least nearly a hundred. They can often be seen grazing on the lawns and wandering across the roads as you drive into the estate.