A message from Lissanoure Castle

Everyday I wake up and thank all those NHS and frontline workers who are all busy at work keeping our country going through this very strange time. I love the clap for carers on Thursday evenings here at 8pm, I think it is these little things that say a lot and keep us together as a human race.

I am not sure what “returning to normal” will be or when it will be but I am sure it will be different from before, at least for a while. We are notoriously quick to forget, but I hope that in 5 years time, we will look back at the coronavirus period as a time that made us all reevaluate the true meaning of life. With so many dying in and out of hospitals, and so many people will suffer as a result of this, we must return to the true values of life; family, love, hope and kindness.

At Lissanoure Castle we are lucky to be in the country and it is lovely to hear the birds sing, nature bursting into bloom and see life return to a slower pace. We look forward to opening our doors again to all our brides and grooms, their friends and family, all the staff that help out here, from the caterers, cleaners, bar staff, florists, room decorators, gardeners and everyone that plays a part in creating magical weddings at Lissanoure Castle.

In the meantime, take care and we look forward to welcoming you to Lissanoure Castle.