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Sarah Jayne & Peters wedding at Lissanoure

We stumbled across this blog by one fab day from a beautiful wedding here at Lissanoure Castle. The blog perfectly captures the essence of Sarah Jayne and Peter's day at Lissanoure, and how they worked together with Lissanoure Castle to create a day that was unique and special. Sarah Jayne and...

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Sarah and Daf’s Irish-Welsh wedding at Lissanoure Castle

Emma Hutchinson, a wedding photographer based in Northern Ireland, has perfectly captured Sarah and Daf's Irish-Welsh wedding at Lissanoure Castle in her recent blog post which can be read here. If you would like to book an appointment to view Lissanoure Castle, please contact our events...

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Jackie and Paul’s Autumnal Wedding

  Jackie and Paul joined us at Lissanoure Castle on 30th October 2015 to celebrate their wedding in style. From a dramatic entrance via a belly dancer to a surprise appearance from "Matthew", this couple really put their own stamp on the day. The room was beautifully decorated with...

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Lissanoure Castle office

Meet the new member of the office staff at Lissanoure Castle! Looking forward to a busy November. Lissanoure Castle is looking stunning at the moment - the colours have been...

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Earl and Countess of Macartney’s tombstone

The Earl and Countess of Macartney’s tombstone at Lissanoure Castle

Last week we went to the parish of St Nicholas in Chiswick to visit where George and Jane, The Earl and Countess of Macartney were buried. He died in 1806 and she died in 1828, both of them were living in Chiswick. George Macartney was a diplomat and colonial governor and as well as living and...

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Pedalling for love: Frank and Moira’s vintage wedding at Lissanoure Castle

Wedding at Lissanoure Castle

We recently stumbled across this blog post by Easy Weddings, retelling Frank and Moira's journey to their wedding at Lissanoure Castle. All blogging credit to Easy Weddings for this post, and special thanks to Paul Davis for such beautiful photography. Contact

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Mark and Claire’s wedding at Lissanoure Castle

Saturday 26th September 2015, Mark Laverty and Claire Headden's stunning wedding at Lissanoure Castle. Photograph by Emma Kenny...

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Our own Sheryl Duke featured in the Ballymoney Times

Lissanoure Castle

Our events manager Sheryl Duke has retired and the Ballymoney Times have helped give her a good send-off with a great profile article. She has looked after scores of blushing brides and anxious grooms over the years, calmed nerves and shared in memories but now, after 13 years, Events Manager at...

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